3 tips to extend the life of your bra

Indispensable but fragile, the bra is a bit of the king of the lingerie drawer. If the underwear lovers adore each carefully selected model and want for that reason they remain intact, we all have the desire to make his support last as long as possible even when you’re not a fan of lace and lingerie because of its often high price. So here’s all you need to know to keep it as long as possible.

It may seem like the ba-ba, but many women think they are wearing a bra at the right size just because they fit them when they adjust the straps and staples. Small problem, if the straps are there to fit your shoulders, the rows of staples, they are not there to adjust to your bust

Indeed, a new bra should go when closed to the first row of staples , that is to say on the “widest” position of your bra. So you need to be able to close on the first hooks (those situated more towards the outside) while being well maintained, so you can use the following to tighten the bra around your bust when the tissue loses its elasticity at wire washes and time.

No way to clean our lingerie like a basic white t-shirt or jeans. To prolong its life, it takes a wash adapted to its fragility. Prefer at best hand wash, at worst a washing machine but on the delicate cycle reserved for silk . Your pretty lace bras will be preserved from the hazards of the washing machine. Forget the tumble dryer, too aggressive, to the risk that it relaxes and breaks the elastics of your bra, especially if you wear bra and bralettes . Prefer a drying in the open all the sweetness too.

Whether you want to postpone your bra several times before washing or not, take a habit of not handing a model that you wore the day before the next morning. Your bra indeed needs this respite to resume perfectly its shape and ensure an ideal fit, but it also preserves and above all its elasticity and therefore its life ! Wear alternately at least two or three models to give them the best chance of not getting damaged.