A fruity fragrance, what is it?

It is essential to try several flavors before finding the ideal composition. Rose, violet, apple or red fruit, there are a multitude of scents. But with their greedy notes, fresh, and tonic, fruits are sure values! But how to navigate among all the fruity flavors?

To evoke the subtlety of perfumes, professionals use specific words. We speak of a top note to illustrate the most volatile scent : the one that calls first and then dissipates quickly. The heart note is the center of the olfactory pyramid , it lasts for a long time. Finally, the background note lasts a very long time, for several days.

The family of fruity flavors is defined by the presence of a fruit in the top note . Just spray the perfumeto immediately feel the presence of a pear, a cherry, a peach or a tangerine. At the same time tonic, this kind of perfume is also sensual and greedy . He is light and lively, gentle and powerful.

Between natural fragrances and syntheses there are thousands of possibilities of associations. The family of hesperidae is one of the best known. It includes citrus fruit , such as the orange, formerly known as the “golden apple”, lemon, mandarin, bergamot or grapefruit. These shades are present in colognes and toilet waters. Fresh and invigorating, they are light and tart.

The perfume has been used for millennia. Already in ancient times, humans began to mix plants, flowers and spices to create an aromatic composition. Originally, the latter had a religious vocation , to communicate with the afterlife.

Originally, the distillation technique was used in a still. The flowers or fruits were placed on the surface of a vat, then the water was boiled to extract the odorous ingredients.

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