So Dior – A love story

The journey already started at Harrods showcases, which were designed with much love and humor. Staged was a city trip through London’s sights, from the Big Ben to Tower Bridge. Mannequins, dressed in Raf Simon’s latest creations for the Dior house, looked like tourists on a tour of the city. Even the crown jewels, made up of countless Miss Dior perfume bottles, were skilfully staged à la Dior. Afterwards, on a tour through Dior’s pop-up store, Raf Simon’s interpretation of Christian Dior’s love of English style was admired. In the handbag collection designed exclusively for Harrods, Raf Simons envelops French savoir-faire in an English flair of bright red, tartan pattern and traditional hunting green. The result is breathtaking and makes the heart of every true fashion connoisseur beat faster. After I got back to my senses in time, so as not to call one of these dreamlike handbags my own and thereby excessively overdraw my account, I went to the center of the whole spectacle – the ‘So Dior’ exhibition.

In a flash I forgot the gorgeous Lady Dior Bag and irrevocably surrendered to the spell of Christian Dior. At the beginning of the exhibition, a short film was introduced to the story of Christian Dior. Within seconds you were transferred to another age, an indispensable part of fashion history – the New Look. A style that revolutionized the fashion world and only marks the beginning of a fabulous love story. Past various masterpieces from the times of Christian Dior himself to finished masterpieces by Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana, one could not stop wondering. In addition, the ‘So Dior’ exhibition was also directed at Dior, the couturier perfumer. Already in 1947 he launched his first fragrance, Miss Dior. Shortly thereafter the timeless J’adore. In addition to the sensual scents, the bottle design left no doubt that it was dealing with a worshiper of femininity.

Finally, the exhibition is dedicated to his probably most timeless masterpiece – the Lady Dior Bag. As a tribute, various artists on sculptures showed their own interpretation of the famous Lady Dior Bag. Of course, in the history of this It-Pieces a special Lady should not be missing – Lady Diana, her Lady Dior Bag owes her name and also her prominence. Who would not like to take an example from her and also own the Lady Dior Bag in every color and size? Some invest in securities and real estate, and for fashion connoisseurs the investment bears the name Lady Diorhône very bourgeois, but what the hell. All in all a truly successful exhibition that gives an excellent insight into the historical connection between a passionate Christian Dior and a traditional England, allows. A masterpiece of staging, so full of love of the heart, you might think Christian Dior himself was at work.