Which wedding dress to choose when you have a strong chest?

Dressing when you have a strong chest is often a source of annoyance; clothing too tight, too low-cut, too tight … The breasts become a complex for those who do not assume their morphology. When it comes time to choose your well-fitting wedding dress , the problem gets worse. What model to choose that will not grow, will not crush, while being seductive but not vulgar?Picture Credit:¬†https://www.chicregina.co.uk

For Lillian Postaire, co-founder and Artistic Director of the Paris boutique of Metal Flaque wedding dresses, the most important thing is that the future bride chooses a dress with a built-in corset or with which she can wear a bra . “We forget the bohemian chic and fuzzy dresses because it will only accentuate the volume of the chest.” Just like those inspired by models of the 1920s with their draped and wide shape do not actually flatter the silhouette. “At the time, women with big breasts flattened their breasts with ribbon, because the dresses were made so as to put forward the hips. With a strong chest, these straight dresses gave only a massive and unsightly rendering.

Ditto for bare-back dresses , certainly very trendy but that do not allow maintenance, hulls as a bra is not a real alternative for generous breasts. “A dress that goes up in the back is essential for comfort”. If the back-nude is not too deep, we can instead trick with a lingerie whose straps cross in the lower back. In this case, Lillian Postaire recommends the wearing of a special bodysuit: “the Ender Legardbrand offers models that allow you to have a backless while supporting your breasts”.

Regarding the shape of the dress, everything depends on the thickness of the size of the bride: if it is fine, the happy elect can wear everything from the sheath to the princess dress. Otherwise, Lillian Postaire recommends straight or flowing dresses so as not to enlarge the silhouette with a princess-like skirt. “If you are small and thin, you have to emphasize the chest, but if you’re stronger, you have to make a bigger mark.” You can learn more for the details of this type wedding dress by visit https://www.chicregina.co.uk/wedding-dresses.html, it’s clearly and better to avoid drapes, ruffles or flowers in relief that accentuate the volume. However the specialist assures that it is quite permissible to have fun on lace, embroidery and other sequins on the top of the dress. “The best thing is still to take over your body,” she adds. “Some women dare dresses that showcase their shapes and that suits them, because they feel good about themselves.”

Gucci Cruise: Creative Fireworks

Alessandro Michele loves eccentricity. Of course, his Gucci Cruise Collection 2017 was also a creative firework, which fits seamlessly into the shrill look of previous collections – but this time with a decidedly British flair. Presented, quite contrary, in the venerable Westminster Abbey in London. Are we now going to worship the new Gucci collection?After Dior also Gucci showed his new cruise collection in England. The scene was no lesser place than the church where Prince William and Duchess Kate voted in 2011, not to mention that it is the traditional burial place of British monarchs: Westminster Abbey. The cool, gray walls and the historic charm formed an exciting contrast to the adventurous cruise collection, which could hardly combine more colors and patterns.

Not arbitrary, but well thought-out was the creative hodgepodge of Gucci chief designer Alessandro Michele. He took up the historic location insofar as he reproduced both a charming, British granny-chic and rock punk bonds. Vivienne Westwood sends greetings! Button-down Victorian collars, check patterns and Union Jack motifs also brought English flair to the collection.

Although the portability of entire outfits by Gucci Cruise may be debatable, individual styling ideas as well as accessories, of which there were a lot, can be excellently pulled out as a source of inspiration and individual eye-catchers. So there were fold-up nerd glasses, extra-long earrings and shoes that have several, wide straps along the calf to admire.

The 3 most beautiful party make-ups

You still associate Smokey-Eyes with the ’90s and sparkling eyeshadow with the disco era? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Sparkling eye make-up is thanks to stars like Margot Robbie, Rihanna and Co. not only socially acceptable, but is currently experiencing its heyday – the perfect party make-up. Re-styling instructions: Dab a subtle shade of your favorite color to your eyebrows. The strong counterpart of the eyeshadow color – gladly also with shimmering finish – then on the movable eyelid et voil√†. Alternatively, the darker color can also be applied to the edge of the eyelash line or just as a delicate line above a classic eyeliner. So it’s time to give 70ies vibes a stylish makeover and extravagant eye make-up to add a contemporary attitude!

Gone are the days when a “Bad-Hair-Day” can only be concealed with a striking lipstick color, because: Sparkling stones, which are glued on the crest line, are not only elegant and contemporary, but a real eye-catcher. Inspired by the runways, this look is elegant in everyday life and the refinement of a chic party hairstyle – while still easy nachzustylen. What you need for it? Only some self-adhesive rhinestones or ribbons and a quiet touch when attaching. If you want to go even faster, glitter spray can also be used to create a shimmering look!

It’s no secret that a clean-drawn eyeliner can define an entire party look. But not so much that the job wants to be practiced! And for all lovers of new beauty challenges, the classic has a modern update ready, because: the Cat-Eye is currently coming in all sorts of variations of graphic lines around the eye area. Instructions: So give your morning beauty routine a modern twist and pull straight forms on and next to the eyelid. Gaffe? There are not any – only an accurate order is crucial! Said and done….